About Us

Total Book Care is a dedicated bookkeeper in South Sydney. Created by Mirna Trad to look after small and medium sized businesses and their bookkeeping needs.

7 years ago Mirna and her husband purchased a business in Bexley, South Sydney. Mirna quickly discovered that purchasing an ongoing business was no guarantee to staying in business.

Getting the help from a typical Bookkeeper and  an Accountant didn’t help. She recognised that the core problem was sitting beyond a Bookkeeper’s responsibility and before an Accountant’s task. She needed to understand the business performance.

Mirna is naturally solution focused. She wanted to understand what was going on and get the best possible solution.  Mirna’s passion for understanding the numbers meant that within 6 months of running the new business, she was enrolled to study accounting. The next financial year the business went from break even to surplus and has continuously stayed there since.

Through Mirna’s learning she became inspired to be the best bookkeeper in South Sydney. She now helps other business owners effectively manage their business books and cashflow management.

Mirna became a qualified bookkeeper in 2012 (St George TAFE) and completed a Diploma in Accounting in 2015.

In November 2015 became a Registered BAS agent 25293817.

Currently Mirna is studying a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at UTS.



Mirna realised the biggest obstacle to discovery was not ignorance , it was the illusion of knowledge, that thinking by getting someone to take care of their books is the solution.

Mirna and the Total Book Care team are dedicated to not just doing your business books, but to helping you improve your understanding of your business. The result being you understand your cashflow management to make your business successful.

Mirna and the Total Book Care team work with a proactive approach. With every client, Mirna reviews your cashflow management and profit and loss. She then takes initiative to provide recommendations for efficiencies and savings across the board.


Get in contact today to see how Mirna and the Total Book Care team can help you transform your business.